Fabric Restoration Dry Cleaning

Disaster can strike at any time. A smoldering cigarette could start a fire in a trash can. A leaky pipe could burst under pressure. A natural disaster could wreak havoc on your home.

You know that you can count on the fire department and medical services to rescue you from harm and treat your injuries. But who will help you with the cleanup and restoration after the emergency?


At FRSTeam, we understand how overwhelming and emotional the aftermath of a disaster can be. Don’t pull burnt clothes, muddy toys, and shattered picture frames from the wreckage alone—let us help you however we can. As experts in fabric restoration dry cleaning in Akron, we work hard to minimize the impact of your loss.

Ready for an Emergency 24/7

From smoke and fire damage to water and mold deterioration, our response crew stands ready 24/7. When disaster strikes, we arrive on scene within the hour, often before the smoke has cleared or the flood has drained.

Our uniformed employees will help you with any of the following:

  • Computerized analysis and estimate of damaged goods
  • Laundry (shirts, leathers, furs, draperies, etc.)
  • Smoke residue and soot removal
  • Restorative drying and cleaning

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Let Us Help You

We proudly service Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburg, Toledo and surrounding areas. Give us a call at 800.261.3936 for all your fabric restoration needs.